Artist Books
The artist's books are each created in particular and significant time stretches as meditative devices. They are sketchbooks of deep concentration, every page is conceived with an intent of perfecton.
Nosek techniques are born from a commingling of ancient philosophy and modern conventions of representation – tempered by the immediacy of the experienced moment – employs Japanese brush painting techniques reminiscent of Zen calligraphy. Art is a form of meditation for Nosek, a revelatory process to which the finished pieces bear witness. The works have dual values in this way: they are simultaneously the focus of the meditation and the vehicle for it. Many of the pieces in the exhibition are sequential, documenting a spiritual journey informed by the outside world, like a tapestry of thought processes reflecting the past and inflecting the future.
Scrolls and Images
The scrolls are drawings stitched together into vertical columns. Most consist of pages brushed calligraphically in black and gold inks, created in a sequential manner.
A particularly effective suite of organic images shows the male and female creative principles of the cosmos as illustrated in vegetation, with explanatory titles such as "Bush/Male" or "Cactus/Female". These evoke connections to mythical stories found in Castaneda or in Frazier's "The Golden Bough".