Laslo Nosek, a Hungarian born artist, can be best understood as a metaphysician. With the intriguingly titled exhibition "Weapons and Pranic Genarators", Nosek created a new category of ritual object which he presented among a powerful collection of boxed sculptures, painted scrolls, costumes and other relics from a performance.

Various ritual devices encased in wooden boxes lined with felt. Jewel-box settings contrasted with quasi-Zen art work made from found objects, stones and wood. The boxes are accompanied by text panels which explain the arcane and alchemical meanings of the titles, identify materials and reveal the intentions of the artist.

Pranic Generators
The "pranic generators" are devices for the amplification of spiritual energies.
Like Beuys, Nosek is interested in evocative materials. He used felt and mesh screening to make "School", his principal "pranic generator", which he shaped like an oversized dunce cap. Inside hangs a pendulum of a wooden carving in a shape of a crouching human figure, originally fabricated for a hashish pipe, but now filled all cavities with red wax.

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